Our Company

We are the next generation breed of marketing agency with a story about the power and potential through collaboration. We are independently owned, based in London and work on an international scale. We are a multi-award-winning company challenging the norm.

Over the last few years our founder and CEO Louis Naylor has created marketing strategies for companies that make a global impact based on collaboration and forward thinking.


Since then we’ve been helping ambitious businesses everywhere to become extraordinary. By creating inspired partnerships we’ve launched giant success stories. We’ve elevated powerhouse brands and we’ve shifted perceptions through our expertise in customer engagement.

We’ve achieved all this thanks to an extraordinary team that combines vision with commercial experience and a deep understanding of new technological solutions. Together we’ve unlocked millions in measurable value for our clients, proving the incredible potential for alchemy through collaboration in a connected world.

The Leadership Team

Marketing Director

Sandi Cirnski

Delivery & Operations

Louis Naylor

Design Director

Kyle Hindle

Accounts Director

David Jacques

Social Manager

Daniel Kay

IT Manager

Laura Taylor

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