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  • Start-ups – From the big to the small we’re interested and keen to start working with you to develop your start up. We’re very familiar with the lean approach and have everything you need in house to make your plan a reality.
  • New Ideas – If you’re developing new services or products and looking for the best start our ATBT incubation investment program is for you.
  • Business opportunities – We know that getting started is difficult from organisation to the smaller details so we have put together an incubation team which has managed our investments that include collaborations with large agencies, established businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking to get from A to B with limited start up capital or simply just need a partner Get in contact now and see if you’re applicable.

ATBT Accelerator

Getting up and running with your new idea can be stressful especially when you’re surrounded by constantly changing technologies and strategies, instead of struggling to understand this vast industry we have put together an incubation team ready to turn your idea into reality with all the experience and resources you would need.

When you develop your business with ATBT you acquire a lot more than just industry experience. Our specialists will advise and develop all aspects of your business and you’ll gain access to our wide international network of entrepreneurs to take you to the next level.

Move forward with us


To qualify for the ATBT incubation you’ll need a start-up venture with exciting opportunities and promise.

Business development consultancy
Strategy planning
Brand development
Product coaching
Discounted services
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